Conference for Kids

What do you want children to get out of conference?
To recognize who the speakers are and their authority
To have a good experience
That this is not “a day off” Feel the spirit
Have personal spiritual experiences
Moments that inspire and change them

Duck pictures from Teaching No Greater Call Chapter 31 – One shows only a duck the other has grass, a pond and other details. The point of the picture comparison is that we need to simplify to make sure our children are getting what we want them to get out of conference and it's not being cluttered by other things. Prioritize what you want to get out of conference, focus, simplicity, clarity, choose wisely the activities so the purpose does not become cluttered and unclear.
 Chapter 31 LINK

BEFORE Conference
Inform the children that conference is coming up so they have time to be ready
Prepare mentally, spiritually & temporally (a plan of things to do)
Clean the house so you can focus
Think about easy meals buy your groceries beforehand
Manage your expectations
General Conference Count Down from September 2012 issue of the Friend – paper chain Conference Countdown
FHE on conference - matching game with short bios of the prophets and apostles with pictures of them from when they were children Prophets and Apostles Pictures of some as kids
Game: President Monson says…video Follow the prophet and do everything he says in the video. President Monson
During the week before pray for those who will speak and to be open to their counsel and to what we should do following conference.

Use personal revelation to determine what works best for your family. If watching it all live doesn’t work watch some live and use some for family home evenings. Adjust your expectations as to how your kids are doing and remember your purpose and what you want them to get out of conference but don’t miss out. Adapt how you receive the information to your family’s needs but make it a priority to get all you can out of conference.
“‘And they pitched their tents round about the temple, every man having his tent with the door thereof towards the temple, that thereby they might remain in their tents and hear the words which King Benjamin should speak unto them.’”
decorate tent (washable markers and a white sheet) or conference quilt (divide the sheet into parts and draw a picture for each song and a few of the talks) Use the sheet in the second session for a reverence tent with favorite blankets. Pillows and copies of The Friend.
m&m game – pick 2 words every time they are said you get an m&m, change the words if the game gets old. Another option is to use chocolate chips and collect them in a jar to make cookies after the afternoon session is finished. You could also use pennies then have the children pick something from a tithing slip to put them toward. Yet another idea is to use beads with certain colors for a topic and pick a bead when you hear the topic to make a conference bracelet/necklace.
Busy hands: Pipe cleaners - Clay- playdough – beads – finger knitting/knitting – coloring
Serving Hands - help teachers with assembling, cut/paste etc, fold laundry (Sat), match socks (Sat), Knit washcloths, bandages, make ribbon flowers as a Thank you for teachers, Make cards: Thank You cards for veterans at the VA hospital, missionary cards, Birthday cards for less active families, Bandages Info
Main topic pictures throughout conference THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES!! Pages one and two of the primary conference packet. Link to pages
Conference picnics under the reverence tent – 72 hour kit food, special conference foods having meals during conference is another way to keep the kids busy. I prefer to use the break between session to run and play then eat during conference.
Bingo another favorite. We usually do the m&m game for the 1st session and Bingo for the 2nd. BINGO CARDS
afternoon session picnic, tea party, 72 hour kit food rotation – eat the food in your 72 hour kit. Adults: fast with purpose for conference, write in your journal your example has a great impact on what your kids will get out of conference.

HALF TIME STRETCH (Between sessions) Go to the park, bike ride, tag, blind man’s bluff, Hike the interurban, soccer, Chinese fire drill around the house, marshmallow fights, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE & MOVE!!


Potluck with friends to discuss conference
FHE listen to talk, look up all the scripture references, use the scriptures to find a hymn to sing. Conference resolutions – what will you do? Ideals are stars to steer by not sticks with which to beat ourselves.

Family Planner

My favorite planner sheets... Planner Printables

The maiden voyage of Bluebell my new bike: Why I love the rain

The maiden voyage of Bluebell my new bike, a 7 mile ride. I love fog. It makes the sea mysterious and life is more interesting with mystery. I love rain. It soaks the trees into a dark brown red color, to contrast with lush green forest and the light green lichen. Beautiful! I love rain. It gives strength to the trickling waterfall, expressing another mood, constantly trickling is boring. Today shout out! I am a waterfall! I love rain and clouds. They help me appreciate the sun. Who notices if you are always out? Who comments on your sudden burst of light or your playful dance on the otherwise gray water if they clouds were never there? The sun loves to play hide and seek and it wouldn't really be a fun game if he just stood there and looked at you. I love rain! It makes puddles. Puddles to stomp in! Puddles to splash through! Puddles to listen to. I love the sound of my quick wheel streaming through. Zip! I remember a summer in Texas when the children played in the sprinkler and laughed. When it rained they hid under their cars for shelter. Sometimes we forget the rain likes to play too.

Quest for the best Key Lime Pie

Take 1
Allrecipes Key Lime Pie VII

Tasty but quite rich

Take 2
Martha Stewart

If you've got a winner please share. :)

Also trying tonight...

Pina Colada Punch minus the rum

Success from last week...

Fish Tacos
Bobby Flay Fish Tacos minus Jalapeno

White sauce
vanilla yogurt
chili powder


Surf's Up Sisters

Additional Relief Society Meeting

Surf's Up Sisters
Righteous Surf - Spreading the Gospel on line - creating a profile etc.
Riptide - Safeguarding your family from pornography.

Strengthening Sisters - socializing over key lime pie & Pina Colada Punch

Primary Miss You

Relief Society Conducting Sheet

Relief Society Conducting Sheet
Opening Hymn __________
Opening Prayer _______________________
Brief Announcements (Opportunities to serve, upcoming events, illnesses, etc)
Missionary Moment
Lesson ______________________________
Thank Teacher & Music
Next Lesson _________________________
Closing Hymn _______
Closing Prayer ________________________
Handbook 2 Administering the Church, 9.4.1